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Can Using a Collections Agency Benefit Medical Facilities?

Medical facilities have a large ecosystem they need to manage. For medical facilities, that includes doctors, nurses, patients, janitorial staff, and more competing for the management team’s attention. During the course of their days, things can fall through the cracks and not receive the attention they deserve, such as following up on overdue bill collections from patients.

Whether it’s attributed to the sheer number of bills your team has to follow up or a patient ignoring your phone calls, finding ways to collect the money you are owed becomes a challenge. It’s an issue that you need to overcome before the overdue bills get entirely out of hand. Turning to a medical collections agency like AR Resources, Inc. in Delray, Florida, can help your facility avoid the lengthy process of collecting overdue bills. 

Experienced Debt Collectors

While your billing office has experience contacting patients and handling straightforward bill collecting cases, sometimes the situation devolves into something where you need a more experienced hand in dealing with the unexpected. A medical collections agency has a team well-versed in handling unresponsive patients and knows the different legal avenues they have available to convince them to make good on their debts. 

Knowing Their Rights

Without AR Resources, Inc., medical debt collections can quickly become a whirlwind of legal actions and patients suing to protect their rights. Your medical facility’s in-house team may not have the experience exploring the different legal avenues available to get the money you are owed. With various laws in place to protect debtors and collectors alike, having an agency well-versed in collections law means you can avoid the lengthy legal battles that can ensue. 

Proven Debt Recovery Results

The end result of your debt collection efforts should be getting the medical care debts your organization is owed. With a healthcare facility, they may not have the same bandwidth to handle the challenges of collecting outstanding debts. However, with a debt collections agency like AR Resources, Inc., you get collections services from an experienced team on your side that has the established track record of following up with patients and getting the money your facility is owed. 

Our team works with a wide range of medical facilities and has proven tactics that recoup the medical bills that haven’t been paid. While patients may have your number memorized or saved in their phone and avoid your calls, when they learn their case has gone into collections debt, people are more willing to cooperate with us and work towards a resolution that works for all parties involved. 

Why Trust Anyone Else?

Medical debt collections can quickly become a long and complex process that ends up in a courtroom. The escalating costs on both sides do more harm than good and take valuable time and resources away from your facility’s daily operations. With an experienced debt collection agency on your side, you have the necessary tools and capacity to make good on the outstanding debts you are owed. 

AR Resources, Inc., in Delray, FL, and in Pennsylvania, has a proven and established reputation and track record of taking all the legal avenues available to collect on the outstanding debt owed to you. If you need help exploring all of the avenues available to collect on these debts, contact our team to learn more about our process and services today!

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